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Reduce Wrinkles or Rid Yourself of Excess Fat With Laser Lipo

If you are currently searching for a treatment that will help rid yourself of unwanted wrinkles, or an alternative to invasive surgical procedures like liposuction that will not cost you a ton of money, it is likely you have run into obstacles that have left you feeling your options are limited. Many people who are searching for alternative treatment solutions do not realize that a thermage machine that utilizes laser lipo may be their best bet for achieving the results they desire. The way it works is as follows: a thermage machine utilizes radio frequencies to help rid your skin of wrinkles, and to tighten up your skin to make it both firmer and smoother.

The radio frequencies that are used in thermage treatments help to stimulate collagen groups within human skin, which automatically strengthens loosened skin that becomes wrinkled as humans age . In one human life span, as a human grows older, collagen groups tend to grow weaker and disorganized. When you undergo a thermage treatment, the radio frequencies produce and generate heat when they are directed at human skin’s collagen groups that automatically cause them to strengthen and tighten. Skin toning is one of the great benefits to undergoing thermage treatments.

Going through this procedure is relatively simple. A doctor will provide you with an oral anesthetic to get the process started, and then he or she will provide you with anaesthetics around the areas where you will be receiving the thermage treatment. Overall, the procedure should only take about 45 minutes depending on what you are having done. Once you receive anesthetics from your doctor, he or she will then start the thermage treatment which consists of heat treatment via the radio frequencies, along with a cooling agent to help reduce any chances of burning the skin during your treatment.
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Most people state they experienced no feelings or sensation while they were put under the thermage machine. Under some circumstances, a select few people have reported feeling a small amount of pain during the procedure. The only side effects reported are redness and swelling and do not last much longer than a week. When it comes to administering the radio frequencies during thermage treatment, it could take approximately 60 minutes, but we assure you it will not exceed much longer past this time span. You are encouraged to consult your primary care physician before you agree to move forward with this type of procedure.Why Lasers Aren’t As Bad As You Think