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Why Play MahJong-An Insight Into the Benefits of Playing MahJong

MahJong like the many other card and board games has a number of benefits it accrues to it players. For your information, this game, MahJong, has a number of similarities to the Western card games such as the rummy game. When playing MahJong, the aim is to complete a set with your tiles similar to what happens in a poker or rummy game. And playing it isn’t any technical for as long as you happen to be familiar with card games, in which wins consist of a straight flush or a full house, you can easily get your way around MahJong. For more on how to play mahjong, read here.

Below we will see some of the benefits of playing mahjong. But in a general sense, it may be so advisable for you to consider playing mahjong no matter your age and this is majorly for the many benefits that this comes with in boosting one’s mental and social health and wellbeing in general.

One of the established benefits of playing mahjong is in the fact that it goes such a long way in treating or slowing the effects of dementia. This is looking at the fact that for one to be successful in playing mahjong, they have to stay mentally alert and as sharp all through the game, studying and interpreting the clues from the other players while at the same time working on their own strategies for a winning hand. Thus we see the fact that this is one of the games that sure helps boost one’s memory skills and sharpen the mind as much.

The other skill that you will get to improve by playing mahjong is that of decision making. This is looking at the fact that mahjong teaches you how to make faster and accurate decisions and this is mainly given the fact that it forces you as a player to think on various fields and on various spectrums.

This game mahjong is as well a recommendation for people of all ages as it makes such an excellent social activity. Therefore playing mahjong happens to be one of the greatest social events that you can get to engage in to avoid all the isolation that may otherwise follow lack of such. Besides this, playing mahjong as well happens to be a sure way to learn some of the basic life skills such as patience.

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