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Types of Brake Pads for Towing

In the car’s braking system, the brake pads are always a standard component and its importance forms the core safety of any vehicle. Without this, the wheels are going to wear down and breaking power would reduce and therefore, it is going to compromise the braking system. The brake pads are normally used among disc brakes that contain a friction material, increasing its stopping power.

In comparison to replacing the entire wheel, the pads are actually cheaper and more affordable. They’re sourced from multiple materials that have a direct effect on its performance, longevity and of course, price. You better keep on reading if you wish to know more about the different options for brake pads.

Metallic pads – these pads are actually the most used in the car industry. They are durable, affordable and it offers excellent performance. They are best installed on smaller vehicles that are not used on aggressive driving. While it is heavy, metallic pads may potentially affect the fuel economy of the car but don’t you worry for the differences aren’t high. There’s great heat transference when using metallic pads at the same time.

Organic pads – as for these organic pads, they are made from organic materials similar to glass, rubber and resin as the binding agent. Actually, the preferred material in its recent years are asbestos due to its ability to dissipate heat very well. On the other hand, the dust created was causing danger both to the environment and health and thus, it’s replaced with natural materials.

In comparison to metallic pads, these organic pads are lighter and produce little noise. They are great for smaller vehicles and cars that aren’t used for aggressive driving. On regards to its softness however, it might wear out faster and might produce more dust.

Semi-metallic pads – as for these brake pads, it’s made using resin and metal fibers. They are quite affordable and provide excellent grip even when it is cold. At the same time, it does not wear out the brake rotor that fast. But the thing with these semi-metallic pads, they have a shorter lifespan and has more noise than organic pads.

Ceramic pads – it is strongly recommended to use ceramic brake pads most especially for high performance vehicles which have witnessed high speeds, frequent stops and sharp turns. Because of that, it is also the most expensive among all other options and they have a tendency to last longer for it doesn’t have to be repaired often. In regards to dust and brake noise, it is just minimal which is essential particularly among aggressive drivers.

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